How to use Score Sheet’s Even / Start Server and Odd / Partner

The USAPA Score Sheet has no indicator that defines the correct server, at any time during the game. This
is the single hardest thing for a ref to know immediately. Their method is to determine the score at side out
and calculate from there. Their method takes time and is confusing to new refs.

The UKPA version of the score sheet has added an indicator for correct server.

 Uses a clip with 1 on one side and 2 on the other.
 Uses the clip to identify server 1 or server 2.
 Uses the clip to instantly identify the correct server, Start Server or Partner.
 Works just as fast for teams that play same side of court for all serves.
 Eliminates the need to mark the sheet to show the start server.
 Uses the wrist bands to identify the start servers.
 Eliminates the need to know the players by name.

Our training aid printed on the score sheet is:

Left side Score Sheet shows:
Even / Start Server

Right side shows:
Odd / Partner

Once the clip is set at side out and repositioned on second serve:

 It will always be over the player serving, Start Server or Partner
 The score defines the correct service court

Whenever it is side out:
 Move clip to new serving team’s side of the score sheet
 Put on left side if score is even, over Even / Start Server
 Put on right side if score is odd, over Odd / Partner
 ‘1’ is on top
 Even or Odd is only used at side out to initially locate the clip

When it becomes second serve:

 Move clip to other end of clipboard and turn over so ‘2’ is on top
On side out the procedure is:
 Put slash mark after score (slash mark is a backup to determine correct server)
 Walk to other side of net and rotate clipboard to correctly orient the clasp towards serving side
 Grasp clip, thumb under, forefinger on top, move to top and place over Even or Odd, ‘1’ is up.
On second serve:
 Grasp clip, thumb under, forefinger on top, move to other end of clipboard, 2 is up
On a side change during the game:
 Mark the score, and a note, S1, S2, P1, P2 (S=Start Server, P=Partner, 1 or 2 is service)
 Rotate sheet on clipboard (this maintains the sheet’s orientation to the clasp after side change)
 Reset clip according to note

When refereeing using USAPA type score sheet, take a clip with you, marked with a ‘1’ and ‘2’ to use with
their score sheets. Just write Even and Odd at the top of the sheet for both teams. Score sheets are often
filled out with players names when given to the ref.

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