About Us


  • The UKPA was formed in 2014 as a company limited by guarantee as a not for profit organisation. Any surplus funds will be utilised for the benefit of its members. (For full details of Constitution click the link for document on right.)
  • The UKPA will be the focal point for all pickleball players in the UK to provide direction, focus and a forum.
  • The aim of the UKPA is to be the UK equivalent of the USAPA and to be the conduit for the UK in the formation of a European Pickleball network.


The immediate and short term goals are :-

  • Pickleball recognised as a sport.
  • Every pickleball player to be a member of the UKPA.
  • All clubs to be a part of the UKPA
  • Create a League so that we can individually improve our game
  • Create a Rating database
  • Organise Coaching and Training.


  • Social media – there is :- facebook.com/pickleballuk where you can leave comments etc.
  • Through the website, we would like to make it the access route for players all over the country to be able to communicate on any matter appertaining to pickleball.


  • To assist groups/clubs, we at the UKPA have negotiated for its members competitive insurance for public liability. This currently stands at £106 for £5 million liability cover and £159 for £10 million liability cover.
  • We are in the process of negotiating for personal accident insurance for members and we are hopeful that this should be available in 2016.


  • We can supply paddles, balls and nets. This is through varied suppliers and we have negotiated and are continuing to discuss discount terms.
  • Our next venture is in the supply of very good quality polo shirts for members. We are discussing with suppliers, excellent discount terms and we would like to be the sole supplier to clubs and with the ability to include club logo’s at competitive prices.


  • To enable the UKPA to perform and achieve its aims, we need you.
  • For the first year we have discounted membership fees to attract players
  • Depending on the uptake, we will review membership fees later this year.
  • The membership register will also be used to ensure that players are insured and in the case of a claim, to confirm which club they play for.


  • The development of Pickleball in the UK is seen as
  • Pickleball to be an optional sport in Schools.
  • To discuss with other governing bodies in Europe to form a European Pickleball Federation.
  • To get the sport of Pickleball as a competing sport in the Commonwealth games
  • Ultimately – to get Pickleball in the Olympics and Paralympics.


  • Once we have a club listing we can propose areas to be used for league purposes.
  • We will appoint a person for each area to maintain league records, to keep the matches and results updated for inclusion onto the web site.
  • The results will be utilised to formulate the ratings for individual players combined with their personal rating and tournament rating.



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Great Bourton, Banbury
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