As Pickleball is in its infancy within the UK, sporting goods stores are not stocking Pickleball equipment. To help the expansion of the Sport, the UKPA intends to provide equipment at a reasonable price. While we investigate the viability of such a venture, we have been working with several outlets one in the UK, one operated through Amazon UK and one operated through the President of the Spanish Pickleball Association to overcome equipment availability in the short term.

All have set up an on-line stores, where you can purchase all the equipment necessary to play the sport. Purchases made and shipped too or within the UK will benefit the UKPA. Note: Prices from the Spanish supplier are shown in €(Euro’s).

Depending on order size both may ship items for Free. If you have any problems using the site, please make contact with us (Contact details are on our contact page, under the ‘Services’ tab).

To view the Pickleball Equipment supplied, click on the appropriate Logo below.