How Big Is a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is a very enjoyable game and it is rapidly growing on the planet. Hence, pickleball courts are almost built everywhere. It is easy to build a pickleball court since it is a combination of other sports games such as tennis and badminton. A pickleball court can also be built from a tennis court.

New players to the pickleball game and those players who play tennis and badminton want to have a new experience in the pickleball game may want to build their pickleball court. These courts are mostly built in schools, clubs, and recreational centres.

Also, a pickleball court can be built in your home since it can accommodate more than two players, hence, it is an appropriate sport to play with your family. Moreover, you can build a pickleball court to get some exercise in the comfort of your home when playing the game. This article will guide you on how to build a good pickleball court with the correct dimensions.

What Is the Size of a Pickleball Court?

A pickleball court is smaller compared to a tennis court. It measures 20 ft wide and 44 ft long where the external lines are included. This is the same as 6.10m by 13.41m.

There is a unique style for constructing a pickleball court. The court is divided into several parts. There is a zone called the non-volley zone also called the kitchen. This is where the players cannot volley the ball meaning you hit the ball without bouncing first. The kitchen is usually 20 ft wide and 7ft long.

Another section is where the court is divided into four parts. They are called service areas. Both the left and right service areas measure 10 ft wide and 15 ft long.

It is best that you leave enough space outside the court in all directions for the movement of players. Hence, the total area required for a pickleball court including both the pickleball court and the out-of-bond area will be 24 ft wide and 54 ft long. If you have a large area, it can be 30ft wide and 60 ft long.

How Is a Pickleball Court Layout Built?

A pickleball court has three main parts. These are the non-volley zone, the right, and the left service area. The non-volley zone is usually on both sides right directly after the net. After the non-volley zone, both the left and right service areas follow. The line that divides these two service areas is called the centerline. Whereas, the line at the side is called the sideline. And at the farthest end of the two service areas is called the baseline. Players stand behind the baseline to serve the ball. They serve diagonally across the other side of the service area. Once the ball is on play the server can now play inside the service area.

What Is the Height of a Pickleball Net?

The height of the net in a pickleball court is lower than that of a tennis court. The net should be 36 inches high at the side and 34 inches at the centre.

Which Are the Best Pickleball Court Surfaces?

You should build a pickleball court on an appropriate surface mostly because of the rule that you hit the ball after it has bounced. The best court surfaces are asphalt, concrete, clay, astroturf, grass, or even wood for indoor courts that can be built in a hall.

Since pickleball can be both an indoor and outdoor game, there are indoor and outdoor courts. The indoor court surfaces are made of qualified polyurethane sport surfaces. While outdoor courts are mostly made of concrete. Outdoor courts are mostly at home or backyard courts. These courts are mostly topped up with tiles because they are appropriate for those who don’t want a permanent court. Also, the tiles enhance the grip and reduce the effect on the lower body.

How Can Lights Be Installed in A Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is a nice game that can even be played after sunset. Lights in a pickleball court follow a specific rule to install them. A pickleball court should have two poles of light each having 1500 watts.  Also, the pole should be 18 to 20 ft high and located at the centre.

Which Is the Best Type of Fence for A Pickleball Court?

Fencing is a very important factor when building a pickleball court. Since there are many different types of fences that you can choose from, you need to choose the one that can be appropriate to your court. Your type of fence should be able to provide security for the players and spectators. It should also be able to contain the ball in the court area. Furthermore, your fence should be able to allow light to pass through to the court. The most appropriate fence that can meet all these needs is the fence wire. The fence is made up of wires. This also allows the players and spectators to see in and out of the court area.

How Can You Build a Pickleball Court Out of a Tennis Court?

Tennis players who want to get a new experience in pickleball can form a pickleball court out of a tennis court. The total area of a tennis court is 78 ft by 36 ft hence, it is appropriate to mark out a pickleball court.

 Put down the tennis net and mark out the pickleball dimensions 44 ft by 20 ft. Mark the pickleball court as highlighted above on how to build a pickleball court. After you are done return the net to 36 inches high at the side and 34 inches high at the centre.

It is also possible to mark two or four pickleball courts out of a tennis court. To mark out these courts, the courts will slightly be marked out of the tennis court. For two courts, Measure 8ft from the tennis court net on each side. Mark the first baseline of the pickleball court. From this line continue to build the pickleball courts.

To mark out 4 pickleball courts from a tennis court. The first baseline is marked 6ft from the net of the tennis court on each side. The sidelines of the pickleball court are 3ft apart. From here use the dimensions of a pickleball court to create the whole pickleball court.

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