Pickleball is in its infancy in the UK, which means there are very few people in the UK of a high enough standard to coach people to help improve their game. To help people understand various aspects of Pickleball, we have selected a number of video’s from YouTube, produced by Deb Harrison and a number of other expert players to assist you with practicing different skills to help improve your game.

You can search Pickleball on YouTube to find many more video’s.

Where there is a reference to the USAPA and their website in the video’s, should be interpreted as meaning the UK Pickleball Association and this website.

To view the short individual training video’s, click on the appropriate link to the right of the page under Training Video’s.

Return of Serve

Volleying at the Net

Third Shot and Why It’s Important

Third Shot Drill

Return of Third Shot

Add Variety to Third Shot

Dink Shot


Dink Drill for 2 Players

Drop Shot Techniques

Swing Volley

Snap, Swing Volley

Loop it on the Run

Changing the Pace

Techniques to Redirect the Ball

Add Variety to Serve

Flick Shot (Scott Shot)

Brush & Curl Strokes

Legal Serve Explained

Ball IN or OUT Rule Clarification

Who can Call Foot Faults Clarified

Hitting Down the Middle